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Atlanta Dentist

The Atlanta Dental Group PC provides comprehensive dental services ranging from full mouth cosmetic cases including dental implants all the way down to doing simple fillings and cleanings. The group is located in the heart of Atlanta. The professional staff are dedicated to their patients’ good health and well being. The founder and senior dentist, Dr. Mark A. Padolsky, has been practicing dentistry in Atlanta since 1982 and holds five advanced certifications including a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. The staff as a team provide an incredibly wide variety of services, from dental implants and cosmetic procedures to root canal therapy and emergency dental treatment. The office has invested in numerous cutting-edge dental technologies that allow them to treat their patients quickly and effectively in the fewest number of visits possible.

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Meet Our Doctors

We provide a variety of general and cosmetic dental services, and specialize in dental surgery. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care. Learn more about our dentists by clicking the links below:

Financial Assistance Available

If you need restorative or cosmetic dental work, but are struggling to obtain financing, we can help. Our Financial Director, Jonathan Padolsky, will work with you to find and obtain assistance so that your dental work will be more affordable. If you're unsure of what your insurance will cover, or know that your procedure will not be covered by your insurance, we will be happy to find you the assistance you need.